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The Grange Camping & Caravan Park


 Katie, John and Bramble 

are delighted to welcome you to

The Grange Camping and Caravan Park

Having had many camping adventures of our own over the years, we understand what is important in creating a place where you can relax, unwind and recharge.When we walked the entire length of the South West Coast Path for our honeymoon in 2021, we encountered a multitude of different shower blocks during our ten week epic adventure – so we have a pretty clear idea of what good (and not so good!) looks like.

We’ve poured all our experience into developing the Grange and it’s been a thrilling journey.Our vision is a place we’d love to stay ourselves: a peaceful and tranquil setting, big enough to have excellent facilities, yet small enough to provide a friendly and welcoming service to all our guests.

John’s family has lived and worked in Asfordby Hill for generations.In the Farmhouse  Reception, you can see photographs and fascinating memorabilia from the days when the site was a working dairy farm.The Campsite & Caravan Park marks a new and exciting chapter in the story.

Our commitment to caring for this beautiful place means that we have been guided by strong environmental principles.We aim to minimise our impact and help nature to flourish. The Farmhouse heating and hot water is supplied via an air source heat pump, reed beds help filter the water in our wildlife pond. We allow only environmentally friendly chemicals in our Elsan point and actively encourage recycling.So far, we have planted 5000 native species of shrubs and trees, you are sure to spot many feathered residents during your stay.

We think we’ve created something pretty special and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Meet The Team

John Houghton

Park Manager

Katie Houghton

Park Manager


Site Warden

Julie Vickery

Park Glamourous Assistant 

Brother Dave

Site Maintenance and Engineering


Site Security