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Smart Metered Electric

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Smart Metered Electric

Here is a step by step guide on how to use our Smart Metered Electric.

You only pay for what you use and any outstanding credit will be refunded.

Our current Tariff is 35p per kwh.


Upon checking in at reception you can purchase credit for your Smart Electric Meter from a friendly member of our team.


Once you are ready plug your cable into your meter on your pitch.


Lift the bottom two switches under the screen to make it live. 


The screen will now display some text. After 15 seconds the screen will display 0.00


Hold your Smart Card over the screen and a bleep will sound.


The words 'Reload Succeed' will be displayed


Your credit is now displayed. If needed you can top up your Smart Card at Reception. Once purchased place your card over your screen to add the additional credit. The new balance will be displayed. 


FOR YOUR REFUND- Please ensure you are still plugged in for the next steps.


Hold you Smart Card over the screen, a bleep will sound.


'Refund Succeed' will be displayed.


0.00 will then be displayed and you can now unplug your electric cable.


Now take your Smart Card to Reception where a friendly member of our team will read your card and refund any outstanding credit.